Welcome to IDEA - Frequently Asked Questions

I have accepted IDEA’s offer for my child to attend. Now what?

Now that you have accepted your scholar’s offer, your next steps are to complete registration online via SchoolMint and attend your school’s Welcome to IDEA event.

What is Welcome to IDEA?

This event is a welcome and orientation event for all New-to-IDEA families in the 2019-20 school year. At the event, parents will learn about IDEA’s culture and curriculum. They will also have the chance to meet school leaders and other families new to IDEA.

I did not receive my invitation in the mail. Where can I find information about the date and time?

You may visit your school’s website or follow the campus page on Facebook for time and date information.

When do I register my child for school?

The first big step before attending the event is completing registration. Registration is required to confirm your scholar’s seat for the 2019-20 school year and should be completed online via SchoolMint prior to attending the Welcome to IDEA event. For a list a list of required documents and for step-by-step instructions, please visit our registration webpage.

How long is Welcome to IDEA?

Welcome to IDEA is approximately four hours long.

Does my child need to come with me to the Welcome to IDEA event?

Yes. New-to-IDEA scholars must attend Welcome to IDEA with you to complete required student placement testing.

Why does my child need to be tested for at Welcome to IDEA?

All new scholars need to participate in a placement testing session. Results are critical in determining appropriate classroom placements for next year. If your scholar isn’t present due to extenuating circumstances, you will need to sign-up for a make-up testing time.

In what subjects will my child be tested?

·         Pre-K scholars will be given a language and math placement test.

·         Kindergarten scholars will be given a language placement test.

·         1st Grade scholars will be given a language and reading placement test.

·         2nd Grade scholars will be given a reading placement test.

·         All incoming 3rd – 7th grade scholars to IDEA Public Schools take the Renaissance STAR Reading and Math test. This is a test that helps us know what level your child is on for reading and math.

Will my child’s test results prevent them from attending IDEA?

No. The test results are strictly used to help us best serve your scholar and partner with you to support your scholar on the road to and through college. Placement tests help us do that starting from day one.

How long does testing take?

Test will take approximately:

• 5 minutes for an incoming Pre-K or Kindergarten scholar

• 15-20 minutes for an incoming 1st grader

• 10-15 minutes for an incoming 2nd grader

• Approximately 35 minutes for 3rd – 7###sup/sup### graders

My child has special needs. Who can I talk to about it before school begins?

If your scholar was receiving support services (speech/occupational/physical therapy, IEP special education support, self-contained classroom setting, behavioral support) at their prior school, stop by the Special Programs table at the event so we can gather information necessary to continue these services at IDEA. If you are unsure of the services your scholar may need, stop by to the Special Programs table at the event to check on the support services we offer.

What type of support is available for my student who is an English Language Learner?

IDEA identifies scholars who are English Language Learners within 20 days of entry into our schools so that we can offer them the type of instructional supports that the Texas Education Agency recommends for students at different level of English language acquisition. We offer targeted language acquisition support programs such as Imagine Learning, Español to English, Direct Instruction for Spoken English, and Rosetta Stone for our scholars during their intervention blocks.

Does IDEA offer any extracurricular activities?

Every single IDEA school has opportunities for scholars to engage beyond the school day. While each school provides different opportunities, all IDEA schools are committed to ensuring a well-rounded school experience that supports scholar development. You will learn more about extracurricular activities offered at your school at Welcome to IDEA.

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