Reading Royalty at IDEA Public Schools

3 regions.  2,926 Royal Readers.

This week, IDEA Public Schools hosted Royal Reader celebrations across the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, and Austin to commemorate our scholars and their amazing reading achievement.  Becoming a Royal Reader is no small feat.  To achieve Royal Reader status, students must read more than one million words throughout the year—that’s nearly the entire Harry Potter series combined!  This word count is kept track in IDEA’s Accelerated Reader Zone—but that’s not all.  Students test on each book they read, and must maintain a cumulative, eighty-five percent accuracy to become a Royal Reader.


The extravaganza kicked off Monday in Austin, ventured to San Antonio on Tuesday, and then made its way to the Rio Grande Valley for celebrations on Wednesday and Thursday.  IDEA Royal Readers from each region gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and commitment to literacy, alongside IDEA leaders. 

Anthony Jordan Henderson, a 4th grader at IDEA Allan Academy, arrived at the ceremony in a limo and dressed in formal attire, like his fellow classmates.  Regarding the event, Anthony said: “It’s very rewarding to have become a Royal Reader.  It’s my first time, and it just feels so good to have read one million, one hundred thousand and seventy-nine words this year.”  When asked about why reading matters so much, Anthony stated proudly: “It will help me find a great job.  It will take me places I’ve never been.”  

Speaking of places, IDEA Royal Readers got to venture to the mystical Isle of Berk, the world of the acclaimed best-selling book and film series How to Train Your Dragon, whose author, Cressida Cowell, spoke to readers and also signed copies of her newest installment in the series.  Every IDEA Royal Reader was awarded a copy of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, book twelve in the saga, to take home.


“You all can be author’s too,” Cowell told the audience of wide-eyed IDEA scholars, who were enchanted by the London, England native who wrote and illustrated all of her books.  Cowell joined IDEA Public Schools for the week-long reading celebrations across Texas. 

Other fun happenings at the Royal Readers celebrations included a book swap, plenty of dancing, Hors d'oeuvre, singalongs, bookmark making, mural coloring, and a “Knight Your Neighbor” activity, in which students congratulated each other with medals.  It was a momentous occasion for students and staff alike, as the IDEA Team & Family across the network celebrated our students’ accomplishments and reflected upon the magic of reading. 


On behalf of IDEA Public Schools, we are so proud of our IDEA Royal Readers, and we can’t wait until next year’s celebrations!     

Your child can become a Royal Reader, too.  Enroll today and start the magical reading journey at IDEA Public Schools.    

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