No Limitations for an IDEA Student 

At IDEA, there are no limitations for our scholars.  We know that every child is capable of success in college, a career and in life, and we go the extra mile to help them succeed.  Learn more on our curriculum page

Just ask a current 7th grader at IDEA Eastside, Keanu Ramos-Vasquez.  Keanu wants to studying avionics in college and be a pilot one day.  Fewer than 10% of current U.S. pilots are of Hispanic origin, and Keanu aims to be a trendsetter.[1]  IDEA is here to help him get there.

“To be a pilot, you have to work with computers inside and outside the airplane and know math as well,” says Keanu. “At IDEA, computers are readily available, and math is a top priority.” 

At IDEA Eastside, Keanu works on his technological and math skills all at once in the iLearning Hotspot, where he participates in fun and adaptive math software in addition to his regular math class.  He is developing the kind of computer literacy and math capabilities that will be a lifelong asset in his career dream.

Not even the sky is a limit for Keanu and the IDEA Eastside Roadrunners!

Did you know that IDEA campuses offer personalized, innovative math programs beyond school hours?  Many IDEA students stay after school with staff to engage in more educational fun so that they can achieve their goals--not only math goals, but reading goals, too!  Many students stay after classes to read and test on the books they finish in the Accelerated Reader Zone, so they can become Royal Readers!    

What’s a “Royal Reader?”  

IDEA students are given the tools to succeed personally and academically.  Expert teachers, opportunities for extra practice, and a culture of excellence ensure 100% of students graduate from high school and go to college.

Innovative and rigorous reading and math programs aren’t the only way IDEA ensures there are no limits for our scholars.  We strive to guide our students to not only be experts in the classroom, but also passionate people in the community. 

Fatima Leal, an 11th grader at IDEA Brownsville, is proud to be a leader and a critical thinker, and she credits IDEA for helping her take initiative: 

“My teachers have taught me so much—how to use my voice to speak out against injustices, and how to express myself in ways that had been living dormant inside me until now.” 

Our students work so hard to achieve their dreams.  If they face financial obstacles on their journey to and through college, we do what we can to help.  Paulina Garcia, an IDEA 2017 graduate, said this of the support she received: “IDEA helped me financially when I registered for my AP tests and my ACT tests. They helped me fill out all my FAFSA forms. There is just so much that can overwhelm a student applying to college, and IDEA was so supportive in that way. Because of IDEA, I received so many scholarships I would have never even known to apply for on my own.”

Beyond guidance across all factors of the college process, we also give an average of 20 “Give Me 5” Scholarships of $8,000 to IDEA students—based on academic performance and financial need—annually.  Additional, we provide a one-time, zero-interest loan, just in case students need emergency financial assistance during their college years.  We also care very much for our DACAmented students and Dreamers, and because of that, we provide The Dream Fund Scholarship, which consists of $500-$1,000 per semester for IDEA undocumented students.

We believe there are no limits to what Keanu, Fatima, Paulina, and all IDEA scholars are able to achieve.  


And there are no limits for your child.

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