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At IDEA, our approach is different, and it works.  One of the ways we are unique is through our focus on technology and personalized, student learning. Small learning groups, regular access to technology, tailored reading programs and personal attention from expert teachers go together to make sure each student is learning at the level just right for them.   Read our IDEA scholar spotlight below to learn more. 

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Did you know that just 25% of professionals working in the field of computing are women? Less than 10% of these are women of color.[1]  Celia Vera wants to do her part to change these statistics.

Celia is not a computer scientist, CEO or policy maker…at least not yet. She is a middle school student at IDEA Eastside College Preparatory. But since her early days, Celia has wanted to change the status quo in which computer technological fields are dominated by men. 

“I want to be a programmer when I grow up,” she states.  “When I was young, some people would say to me, ‘You are not good enough. You can’t be a girl gamer, because there are boy gamers who are going to beat you.’” Such discouragement only seems to have whetted Celia’s determination to study the field of computer science, preferably at Texas State or Princeton University.

Like many students, Celia has faced obstacles. For example, she does not have access to a computer at home and computers were not readily available at her previous schools either. But at IDEA Eastside, where she was a founding 6th grade student, she is gaining familiarity with technology in ways that will help her accomplish her dreams.

Two to three times a week, Celia works in the iLearning Hotspot using computers to improve her math skills. While she practices math functions, she is also using video games to make her way through the iLearning programs. “They put the creativity into math,” she says of the Imagine Math® software that she uses. While instructors are on hand to help her when she gets stuck, she can also use the “Live Chat” feature to get help from teachers all over the world. Celia is thus getting an early lesson in the collaborative, interactive, and global nature of computer technology.

You can read about Celia and other IDEA scholars in IDEA’s Magazine, IMPACT, here

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