Welcome to IDEA Tarrant County

Opening in 2019

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Welcome to IDEA Tarrant County 
Proudly serving the parents, families and students of Tarrant County, Texas.

Tarrant County is home to over half a million school-aged children, and is growing rapidly. Yet low-income students in Fort Worth – the heart of Tarrant County – suffer from a lack of highly quality school options. Fully half of the schools in the core of Fort Worth are in the bottom quartile of the state. A Texas Tribune study showed that a low-income Fort Worth 8th grader had less than a 9% chance of earning a post-secondary degree. All of this occurs in an environment that offers scant few choices to parents, as only 4% of student are able to attend public charter schools. The students and families of Tarrant County deserve more choices and better outcomes.

IDEA is excited to serve communities in Fort Worth, Arlington, and beyond. Tarrant County is home to some of the nation’s strongest education organizations, including Teach for America, Teaching Trust, and Urban Teachers. These organizations will help IDEA secure the talented education leaders that schools and students need to thrive.  IDEA will also interact with a robust group of potential partners, including the Boys and Girls Club, United Way, and Uplift Education. Additionally, many of the Fort Worth’s most dedicated civic and political leaders, including the mayor, are eager to welcome IDEA.  In short, Tarrant County demonstrates tremendous need for quality school options, and is enthusiastic about IDEA’s growth and success. 

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