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Internet Safety During the Winter Break

With winter break approaching, children often increase the amount of time they spend using technology. But, the break also provides parents with the perfect opportunity to check in with their child about their online habits. IDEA has developed a helpful internet safety resource for families and parents. We encourage you to use this resource to have informative conversations with your child(ren) about internet safety and rules in your home.

Applying to IDEA: 3 Reasons The Lottery Matters

Next month at IDEA, we will hold our annual random lottery to ensure equal access for all student applicants.  Our lottery will be held Jan. 27, 2018 at 9am CT.  For those families who have applied, and for potential families thinking about applying, here is why this event is important. 

The lottery ensures every student has a fair chance to attend IDEA—no excuses. 

The new student selection process is done ...

​IDEA Teacher Spotlight: Cristina Reyna

We sat down with Cristina Reyna, a Founding Teacher Fellow at IDEA Quest Academy, to see how her year is going so far, and to discuss her eagerness to help launch a new IDEA region.  Read her answers below!

How have you enjoyed your year so far? 

My year has been amazing in every way possible, from learning new things in Direct Instruction to working with 4 year olds M...