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STAAR Testing at IDEA

STAAR testing kicks off this week for IDEA scholars. Take a look at the testing schedule, along with a list of helpful testing tips for your IDEA scholar. Best of luck to all of our scholars and teachers this week!

March 2017 STAAR Testing schedule

Tuesday, March 28:

·       4th grade Writing

·       5th grade Math

·       7th grade Writing

·       8th grade Math

·       9th grade Engl...

​Teacher Spotlight Q&A: Christopher Casella

Christopher Casella, a military veteran and Humanities Pre-AP teacher at IDEA College Preparatory South Flores in San Antonio, Texas, sat down to chat about his first year teaching at IDEA Public Schools, and how his time in the military shaped his teaching philosophy. 

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What drew you to IDEA Public Schools?

The number one asset t...

West Side IDEA school leads charter district’s dramatic health turnaround for students

By Alia Malik, Staff Writer

Physical education teacher David Alfaro demonstrates broad jump technique during physical education class at IDEA Monterrey Park on Friday, March 3, 2017. The "Healthy Kids Here" initiative aims to encourage ... more

Rebekah Rosas, a fourth-grader, joined the intramural basketball team a few weeks ago at the IDEA Monterrey Park charter school on the West Side. Her older sister, an eighth-grader, joined the school’s soccer team.