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The Road to and Through College

College for all children

From the first day students set foot on an IDEA Public Schools campus - whether Academy or College Prep - we instill in them the expectation that they will go to college. This expectation is woven in the fabric of everything we say and do.

Mastering the Fundamentals

Pre-K - 2nd

Our elementary curriculum, BetterIDEA, blends traditional classroom instruction with personalized online learning to ensure that each and every student achieves at or above grade level.

Beyond Academics

3rd - 5th

In addition to continuing their rigorous classroom instruction, students participate in college field lessons. These opportunities expose our students to university campuses, museums, historical sites, and other learning adventures that teach them about their future, their communities, and their world.

On the Path to College

6th - 8th

Our middle schools students begin rigorous Pre-AP instruction. This Advanced Placement curriculum prepares them for the demands of pre-college and college work.