Wishing You a Wonderful, Safe, & Healthy Summer!

Today, June 2, marks the last day of the 2016-2017 school year at IDEA Public Schools.

Congratulations on helping make this year IDEA’s best year yet.  Here are some happenings we proudly look back on:

·         For the eleventh year in a row, one hundred percent of our graduating senior class was accepted to college.  Students, staff, families and friends celebrated this feat at our annual College Signing Day ceremonies.  The class of 2017 achieved over $20,000,000 in grants and scholarships, 3,439 Acceptances to 323 universities across the country, 548 Acceptances to selective and highly selective colleges, and 9 Ivy League acceptances. 

·         150 students became Junior Master Gardeners, thanks to the hands-on teaching of IDEA’s farms and garden staff, on our very own farms. 

·         2,926 students became Royal Readers, a title given only to those who meet rigorous reading achievement goals throughout the year and read more than one million words.

·         We hired some amazing teachers and leaders, and met incredible people as we make progress towards launching our IDEA El Paso and IDEA Southern Louisiana regions in 2018. 

·         We announced plans to expand to Tarrant County, Texas in 2019.

·         Our students achieved nationally-recognized honors, including being named Dell Scholars, Presidential Scholars, and State Champions in athletics.   

·         Five of our high schools were ranked in the top 10* most challenging in the nation by The Washington Post.

·         Our high schools were ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.   

·         Five IDEA schools were named to the Texas Honor Roll. 

·         We announced plans to launch IDEA-U, an online, flexible, supportive, and affordable college option designed to support IDEA alumni whose full lives, changing work schedules and family obligations have not allowed them to finish college. 

·         We educated more than 30,000 students across three regions on the road to and through college. 

As you prepare for a well-deserved summer vacation, we encourage all of our students and families to keep your academic skills sharp to avoid what’s called the “Summer Slide.”  Here are some tips to make sure your child continues to learn, grow, and progress during the summer months.

Choose the right books.

Utilize the “Goldilocks Effect” – not too easy, not too hard. Series books are especially good for struggling readers.

Encourage interests.

Encourage your child to explore interesting topics they want to read about - fiction, non-fiction, e-books, magazines, or whatever gets them going.

Visit the local library.

Endless book options, special summer programs… and it’s free! Plus, you can check out audiobooks for road trips.

Set a summer reading goal.

How many books can your child read this summer? Post and chart progress toward the goal. Have a friendly family competition with a special reward to show your kids that reading is also a priority for you.  Further information on summer reading and math software can be accessed here.  

What a great school year this was at IDEA Public Schools—thank you for being a part of it.  Be on the lookout for IMPACT Magazine, which will be in your mailbox soon, with information on back-to-school essentials and more!  

If you’re reading this and aren’t part of our Team & Family, join us for next year. 

Have a safe and healthy summer of fun and learning!

*CORRECTION: This blog post has been updated to reflect corrected rankings. Read this statement in The Washington Post explaining the rationale for the updated rankings for IDEA Public Schools.

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