Welcome to IDEA Events to be Held in February and March

Attention all new-to-IDEA families!  You are invited to Welcome to IDEA, a celebratory and informative event for those just accepted to IDEA Public Schools.  

At this welcome event, we will celebrate your acceptance to IDEA and orient you to the IDEA Team & Family. Welcome to IDEA is a time for students and families to get to know principals, teachers and staff, as well as learn the fundamentals of IDEA’s culture of high expectations and achievement, program model, and parent partnership.

We can’t wait to see you at Welcome to IDEA in the coming weeks as your family begins its journey with IDEA on the road to and through college. 

Do you know someone who wants to join IDEA?  Direct them to apply.ideapublicschools.org

Below you’ll find the date your campus will hold its Welcome to IDEA event:

*Please remember that new IDEA Rio Grande City families should attend their Welcome to IDEA event at Basilio Villarreal Municipal Park (1473 Stevenson Street, Rio Grande City, TX 78582), new IDEA Tres Lagos families should report to IDEA Quest, new IDEA Brackenridge families to IDEA Mays, new IDEA Ewing Halsell families to IDEA South Flores, and new IDEA Harvey E. Najim families to IDEA Eastside.

Event Date: 2/25/17

IDEA Mission

IDEA Brackenridge

IDEA Ewing Halsell

IDEA Quest (College Prep)

Event Date 3/4/17

o   IDEA McAllen

o   IDEA North Mission

o   IDEA Quest (Academy)

o   IDEA Edinburg

o   IDEA San Juan

o   IDEA Donna

o   IDEA Pharr

o   IDEA Allan

o   IDEA Bluff Springs

o   IDEA Rundberg

o   IDEA Carver

o   IDEA South Flores

o   IDEA Monterrey Park (Academy)

o   IDEA Walzem

o   IDEA Eastside

o   IDEA Mays

o   IDEA Judson

o   IDEA Alamo

o   IDEA Weslaco

o   IDEA Weslaco Pike

o   IDEA San Benito

o   IDEA Riverview

o   IDEA Brownsville

o   IDEA Frontier

Event Date 3/11/17

o   IDEA Monterrey Park (College Prep)

o   IDEA Tres Lagos at IDEA Quest

o   IDEA Rio Grande City at Basilio Villarreal

Event Date 3/25/17

o   IDEA Harvey E. Najim at IDEA Eastside

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