The IDEA Collegiate Summer Away Program 

The IDEA Collegiate Summer Away Program  

In 11th grade, IDEA students take part in a special program-- the IDEA Collegiate Summer Away Program (CSAP).  CSAP helps IDEA junior attend summer programs at colleges and universities across the country before they start their senior year. Through this program, students get to “try-on” the college experience and help them get acclimated to transitioning to a college campus near or far from home. Through the Collegiate Summer Away Program, IDEA Public Schools has sent students to more than 60 universities across the country, including Brown University, Cornell University, and Duke University, just to name a few.   

Why It’s Important      

Research shows that summer programs can boost the chances that students will apply to, and enroll in college.  Did you also know that summer programs have also been shown to help students stay enrolled in college and perform better when they go to college?  Summer programs help enforce good study skills and instill more faith in students that they can persist through the challenges of college to succeed and earn their degree.1 

CSAP Student Spotlight  

Gabriel Cepeda, a soon-to-be senior at IDEA College Preparatory Pharr, spent part of his summer at Loyola College through IDEA’s Collegiate Summer Away Program.   

“My experience was absolutely amazing,” he said.  “It has been my dream to attend college in the city of Chicago.  My time at Loyola University was my first time being away from home without my family.  It was a helpful learning experience that has helped me prepare for college next year.”   

When asked about his main duties during his summer experience at Loyola, Gabriel noted: “I attended a morning and afternoon class of my choice, around social justice issues.  I also took tours of the campus, got to see what it was like to be a student at Loyola, and explored Chicago.” 

What’s more, Gabriel was very grateful to the CSAP program for the funding they provided.  

“My tuition and travels were completely covered,” he said.  It would have been difficult for me to have taken such a trip without that financial support.”   

When asked where he wants to attend college after he graduates from IDEA Public Schools, he quickly noted with a smile: “Loyola.  I want to major in public health or sociology.”  

While 11th graders at IDEA participate in the CSAP program, the road to and through college starts much earlier.  Enroll your child at IDEA Public Schools today.   

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