The Future is Bright for IDEA San Juan Pre-K Scholars

Enroll your child in Pre-K at IDEA.  Limited spots are still available for the 2016-2017 school year.  Apply today!  

IDEA San Juan Academy opened its Pre-K program this fall, and the school’s youngest scholars are reaping the benefits.  The goal?  Ensure every IDEA Pre-K student is ready for kindergarten by being able to read on or above level, as well as perform basic math skills.  That goal is within reach, as IDEA San Juan Pre-K teachers are happy to report tremendous progress made in the academic and social development of the first class of Pre-K students at the home of the Saints.  Way to go, future college graduating class of 2034!

“We had numerous students who had zero English language knowledge coming into Pre-K this August, and have now progressed into the Kindergarten English reading program,” said Aracely Villarreal, a Pre-K teacher at IDEA San Juan.  “It’s remarkable how fast young learners can progress in a high-quality program.” 

As a network dedicated to bettering the lives of students through a high-quality education, IDEA knows the road to and through college starts as early as Pre-K.  IDEA San Juan’s Pre-K program, and all IDEA’s Pre-K programs, teaches the foundational skills every student needs—phonic awareness, reading comprehension and fluency, number identification, addition, subtraction, and more!      

What’s more, IDEA San Juan does it all in a half-day program.  This allows teachers to work with students in small, intimate learning groups with no more than 10 students per group.  Teachers devote plenty of personalized attention to each student, and also provide opportunities for re-teaching when needed.  “Half day is the perfect amount of time for our students,” said Aracely.  “At four years old, kids are just learning how to be a student— asking questions, absorbing instruction, and cooperating with others.  A half-day is just the right length to teach all of the essential skills, while not overwhelming the kids.  It’s a great transition for the full day of instruction in kindergarten.”   

The passionate, high-quality Pre-K teachers at IDEA San Juan are committed to building character and academics for each and every student. Even in Pre-K, IDEA scholars are taught that one day they will go to college, and that whatever their dreams may be, they can achieve them. 

The IDEA San Juan Pre-K team ensures their students develop the tools to start kindergarten strong and grow each year in school. “The early years of education are some of the most important for students,” said Aracely, “A lack of a solid foundation can lead to children falling behind later in their academic career.” 

It’s never too early to start your child on the path to and through college.  Limited Pre-K spots are available at IDEA San Juan for the current 2016-2017 school year. Apply now!  

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