Show and Tell: IDEA Pre-K Students’ Favorite Thing About School

Sofia De La Cruz, a proud Pre-K student at IDEA Brackenridge Academy, is so glad you’re here to check out IMPACT Magazine Student Takeover bonus material!  If you haven’t yet, go read pages 12-15 of our latest issue to learn more about our stellar Pre-K scholars’ work and the program they

In the magazine, we asked students at IDEA Academy McAllen to explain what their favorite part of Pre-K is, through drawing, coloring, and writing.  Well, we have some bonus masterpieces to show you.  Check them out below.  It seems our students love the relationships they’ve built with teachers, working together with students, and learning with hands-on manipulatives.  



Way to go, IDEA McAllen Tigers! 


IDEA Harvey E. Najim Pre-K scholar Rayanna Rice engages in total physical response learning with classmates and her teacher.     


Did you know that last year, 98.5% of all IDEA Pre-K students finished the year completing kindergarten work in language and mathematics?  This means they’re beginning kindergarten ahead of the game, and ready to excel.

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