Reading Excellence at IDEA Bluff Springs

IDEA Bluff Springs in Austin, Texas is building a culture of reading excellence, and your child can join in on the educational fun.      

Walk into the magical Accelerated Reader (AR) zone, where bookshelves line the walls and you can hear a pin drop.  You’ll find IDEA students immersed in both nonfiction and fiction books ranging from insects to magical worlds.

The AR Zone is a space devoted to promoting a culture of reading to help students unlock the world of opportunity and equip them for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment. Through AR Zone, teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.

The software allows children to read books at their reading level, complete a test about each story they read, and then pace themselves in pursuit of their reading goals by keeping track of the total amount of books and words they read throughout the year. 

AR Zone Facilitator, Mr. Moore, meets with students—motivating, challenging and setting reading goals with his scholars.  Across the way, in the testing zone, IDEA Bluff Springs Bats test their knowledge of stories they’ve recently read and keep track of their word count.  Students at IDEA are taught to monitor their own reading progress as early kindergarten!

When asked about the success of the Accelerated Reader program at IDEA Bluff Springs, Mr. Moore attributed his students’ ambition and the teamwork he’s fostered with his iLearning Hotspot partner, Ms. Lomeli.  In Ms. Lomeli’s classroom, the iLearning Hotspot, students receive additional support in mathematics via interactive technology that resembles a video game.  These two programs, Accelerated Reader and iLearning Hotspot, are key factors contributing to the outstanding academic success at IDEA Bluff Springs Academy and College Prep. 

“Ms. Lomeli helps me and vice versa,” Mr. Moore explains.  “The students have followed suit and we’ve all become a close team here,” Mr. Moore said. 

This teamwork is an important factor in helping students achieve reading success. Through collaboration, partnership, and encouragement, every first grade student at IDEA Bluff Springs has already achieved “Word Master” status.  To become a Word Master as a 1st grader in the state of Texas, you need to read over 10,000 words.  That’s quite a feat, usually met by dedicated readers towards the end of the year.  But, the entire IDEA Bluff Springs 1st grade, under the coaching of passionate teachers who teach students to shoot for the moon, met this Word Master goal in January.  Way to go, Bats! 

In fact, students across all grades at IDEA Bluff Springs are reaping the benefits of extra reading practice in the AR Zone.   Kayla Ruiz, a 6th grader, described Mr. Moore’s classroom as “magical and peaceful.”  She went on to say, “I look forward to my time in the AR zone every day, spending my time reading books and testing on them.  Because of this program, I’ve grown to love reading.  Plus, I have so many books to choose from!” 

Kayla’s words put a smile on everyone’s face at IDEA Public Schools, because we know great readers make great learners.  In fact, countless studies show that students who develop a love for reading are more successful in school and in their career. 

IDEA is proud to have sent 100% of graduates to college for ten straight years and counting, and part of this student success stems from the importance we place on a child’s love for reading.    

Did you know there are limited spots available at IDEA Bluff Springs for the 2017 school year?  Apply today and join this team of readers destined for college and a bright future!

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