Personalized Learning at IDEA Public Schools

IDEA’s academic model is built upon personalized learning, because every scholar learns at their own pace.  

Small learning groups, regular access to technology, tailored reading programs and personal attention from expert teachers are just some of the ways we make sure each student is learning at the level just right for them.

For example, IDEA Academy Edinburg student, Ethan Gobina, was thriving in his reading and language arts class.  If he completed his lessons early, within his small group, he’d immediately dive into the next academic pursuit.  

“Ethan’s teacher, Mrs. Gonzalez, was there for him every step of the way,” said Ethan’s mother, Pam.  “She always catered to his unique needs.  If Ethan finished his lesson early, she already had leveled chapter books ready for him to dive into and test on via the Accelerated Reader Zone.”  

Now in 2nd grade, Ethan is ahead of the game, excelling in his studies, as a Royal Reader.   


There is no lag time in our students’ learning—every minute counts.  Did you know that Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), recently concluded that just by attending IDEA, each student receives the equivalent of 80 extra days in math and 74 extra days in reading instruction per year?  These astounding results are possible for our scholars because of our emphasis on personalized learning.      

Personalized learning continues in the upper grades at IDEA.  Student achievement data is closely monitored so that scholars receive the academic support they need to close any learning gaps that may occur. Additionally, scholars develop the habits of successful college graduates.  Read more about our curriculum here. 


Celia Vera, IDEA Eastside College Preparatory student works in the iLearning Hotspot using computers to improve her math skills two to three times a week. While she practices math functions catered to her exact level, she also uses video games to make her way through the iLearning programs. “They put the creativity into math,” she says of the Imagine Math® software that she uses.  The iLearning Hotspot is utilized by all IDEA scholars from 1st to 8th grade. 

Ana Galindo, college preparatory student at IDEA Alamo, utilizes another online program called Achieve3000, which provides daily differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that’s precisely tailored to each student’s Lexile® reading level. “The program helped me a lot,” said Ana. “The vocabulary is very rigorous, and the articles are very interesting. It definitely helped me improve my reading skills.”

These programs are used as supplemental instruction, and are utilized in addition to the rigorous courses our students take with expert teachers. 

Every scholar learns at their own pace, and every scholar succeeds.  That’s what we believe at IDEA.      

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