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September 26

IDEA Teacher Spotlight: Paul Williams

Paul Williams is an AP United States History teacher at IDEA College Preparatory Weslaco.  We sat down to chat about his experience as an ...

September 25

Siblings and Friends at IDEA Public Schools

We hope you and your children are having a great year.  We are excited for a successful year ahead—and we’re even starting to p...

September 22

IDEA Programmer in the Making

At IDEA, our approach is different, and it works.  One of the ways we are unique is through our focus on technology and personalized, ...

September 22

IDEA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

IDEA Public Schools is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a time when we highlight the cultures and traditions of those who trace their...

September 21

IDEA Public Schools Update

The safety of our students and staff is a top priority. This morning, as our students were engaging in learning at IDEA McAllen, we...