More Than Just a Classroom

IDEA is more than just a classroom. We support the development of the whole child including emotional and physical health and wellness.                

At IDEA South Flores Academy, and schools across the IDEA family, students use mood meters to discuss and share their feelings. Emotional intelligence is a crucial factor in the success of every student, so while kids as early as Pre-K are excelling in their academics, they’re also making sure they’re in tune with their emotions and able to express how they’re feeling on a given day.  You can learn more about mood meters at IDEA by reading the newest issue of IMPACT Magazine


At IDEA, we use advanced technology to enhance student learning.  We also use it to enhance student health and fitness!  We began tracking our student’s Body Mass Index nearly three years ago as part of our Healthy Kids Here Initiative. In partnership with Interactive Health Technologies and the use of Adidas 2.0 heart rate monitors, every IDEA campus tracks the heart rate and physical fitness of our scholars over time.  We are on a mission to receive a gold certification in the HealthierUS Schools Challenge (HUSC), a nationwide initiative established by former First Lady Michelle Obama, and our innovative physical education program is one way we’re making that happen. 

Our students are also fueled with nutritious and delicious meals throughout the day.  Did you know that IDEA campus farms and gardens across our regions send fresh organic produce straight to our cafeterias?  What’s more, our scholars visit our farms and gardens on a regular basis to learn more about sustainability, nutrition, and science.

These are just some of the ways IDEA goes beyond the traditional classroom.  Emotional and physical health and wellness are essential aspects of the IDEA student experience.

See for yourself.  Join us for the 2018-2019 school year.  

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