Inclusive Schools Week: Great Things Happen in Inclusive Schools

Every first week in December, schools nationwide celebrate Inclusive Schools Week. Inclusive Schools Week recognizes the progress that schools have made in providing a supportive and quality education to an increasingly diverse student population, including students who are marginalized due to disability, gender, socio-economic status, cultural heritage, language preference and other factors. The week also provides an important opportunity for educators, students and parents to discuss what else needs to be done in order to ensure that their schools continue to improve their ability to successfully educate all children.

IDEA’s Focus on College For All

IDEA Public Schools champions this week as an important opportunity for our Team & Family to discuss how we can strive to ensure that all children receive the support they need to matriculate to and through college.

IDEA’s mission of College For All is inclusive of our entire student body—no excuses. We celebrate and recognize the values and perspectives of our diverse student and staff population and ensure our schools meet the needs of all learners. We are committed to giving children – no matter their socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or neighborhood they reside in – the tools needed to reach their full potential.

At IDEA Public Schools, we know transformational change occurs through education.  Ensuring that all students have access to life-changing educational opportunities is not just the challenge we face as a district, but the most pressing challenge we face as a nation. As the achievement gap remains starkly wide in this country, the importance of a college degree has never been more important.  For individuals, the disparity in weekly earnings between those with a bachelor’s degree and those without is as large as it has ever been.  Access to college for all children is a must if we are to achieve educational and financial equity for students who often face exclusion in school.

This is why, since our first graduating class 10 years ago, IDEA has achieved a 99.6% matriculation rate as the district continues to fulfill its unwavering commitment to College For All Children. We’ve maintained our near-perfect matriculation rate, even as we added 51 schools and nearly 30,000 students since 2000—more than any other charter school in the nation during that time period.

College For All Children is made possible by the talented staff, innovative programs, and a college-going culture. IDEA’s College Support Model provides students with a wide range of services and support even after they get accepted to college. As a result, IDEA alumni have achieved a college graduation rate five times the national average for low-income students.

Celebrate with Us

IDEA Public Schools is thrilled to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week across our organization, as we take immense pride in providing a quality education to all of our scholars, no matter their learning style, native language, gender, or socioeconomic status.  At IDEA, we have continually achieved our ambitious goal of 100% college acceptance, and we plan to continue this legacy for all of our scholars. 

Check out some great ways you can celebrate this important week on the Inclusive Schools Network website.


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