IDEA’s Teacher Application Is Now Open!

The IDEA teacher application is now live.  You can apply today to join IDEA’s Team & Family for the 2018-2019 school year and prepare students on the road to and through college.  We are looking for passionate and compassionate educators dedicated to growing as professionals. High expectations and excellence are how we achieve great results for our kids.

Read below to learn more about what makes IDEA Public Schools a great place to work, teach, and grow as an individual. 

“IDEA is committed to ensuring teachers receive much stellar support, coaching and professional development to help master the level of rigor and ensure you are a successful teacher,” said Christopher Casella, a college preparatory teacher at IDEA South Flores. 

Christopher is referring to the support every new IDEA educator receives through the mentoring of campus leaders and instructional coaches.  Additionally, at IDEA, there is much opportunity for professional development, with course collaborations held once a quarter and principals dedicated to the leadership growth of their staff. 

Additionally, IDEA places emphasis on the development of teachers because they are the critical piece.  Our mission is to ensure each child attends and succeeds in college.  That starts with an expert teacher in every classroom.  When our teachers succeed, our students succeed.

“IDEA ensures all managers and coaches are providing useful feedback in a positive manner,” said Kalia Velez, educator at IDEA Rundberg Academy.  “It’s never ‘you’re doing this wrong.’  It’s always encouraging, with the focus of making me a better teacher.”

IDEA also provides the benefits and support teachers need outside of the classroom to do their best work inside of the classroom. IDEA offers competitive salaries and generous benefits including paid maternity leave and $1,000 contributions for health savings accounts.

At IDEA, expectations are high, but the rewards are limitless.  IDEA operates on a tiered awards and recognition system called the Teacher Career Pathway (TCP).  The TCP program synthesizes multiple components of a teacher’s performance in order to place him or her on a five-tier pathway. Each level on this pathway has its own set of supports, rewards, and recognitions, with Master Teacher being the ultimate goal.  The TCP includes retention bonuses that build over time for High-Performing, Advanced, and Master Teachers, as one of many incentives for our educators. 

“IDEA Public Schools has made a huge impact in my career thus far, and this is positively reflected through my teaching,” said Adrian Castro, a math teacher at IDEA Academy San Juan.  “IDEA helps brings out the best in you and shows you just how capable you are of living up to your fullest potential and effectively prepare students on the road to and through college.”

Put your passion to work at IDEA. Join us, and help make college a reality for all children. Apply to be an IDEA educator today!

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