​IDEA’s Food Program Ranked Number One Among Public Charter Schools for Low-Income Students in Texas

If you’re a member of the IDEA Team & Family, you’ve probably heard the phrase: “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Results.” Through our Healthy Kids Here program, we are committed to offering well-balanced, farm fresh and nutritious meals to every student and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.  Hence, we are so excited to share the following great news!  

The Center for Social Measurement and Evaluation recently released CHILDREN AT RISK’s annual School Food Rankings.  This study measured and evaluated how districts across Texas provide meals to low-income school children by focusing on meal participation rates and after-school meal programs.

IDEA led the way for public charter schools in Texas in these rankings.  

Our network currently serves 88.6% economically disadvantaged students, with 74.7% lunch participation, and 66% breakfast participation.  We also ranked 14th overall across the state of Texas. 

We are proud of these results, and we are committed to doing even more to ensure our kids are receiving healthy and fulfilling meals. At IDEA, we strive to educate the whole family on health, wellness and nutrition and increase access to healthy food.  Our campus farms not only teach children about nutrition and how to plant and grow vegetables, but they also send fresh, organic produce straight to our cafeterias! 

Check out our December menu here

At IDEA, we know a successful day of learning starts with the right foods to fuel scholars all day long. 

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