IDEA Weslaco’s Dominoes Champion

Photo credit: The Monitor

At IDEA, we emphasize student success inside and outside the classroom. IDEA Weslaco’s Brynn Ebe is a stellar student, and she has also made a name for herself in Texas as a champion, a champion in a game that has been around for centuries—Dominoes!

At just 5 years old, before Brynn was even in school, Brynn began playing Dominoes with her great uncle.  This is where her love for the game began. She recalls that her and her great uncle’s Dominoes matches continued “every single day, like five times day.”  Brynn would continue to practice and perfect her skills, and last year, she had the idea to enter The Texas 42 State Championship, held annually in Hallettsville.  Since she was too young to participate, her great uncle spoke with the board to see if the league would waive the age requirement of 18.  Their response?  They’d waive the requirement if Brynn’s uncle joined as a partner with Brynn.  

Together the power duo made a name for themselves in the Dominoes community.  “She was the star of the show,” Kristi, Brynn’s mother said. Impressively, by the end of the event, Brynn and her great uncle placed 16 out of 187.

Post the event, Brynn wanted to attract more people to the game in her home community of the Rio Grande Valley.  Brynn’s mother, Kristi, supports Brynn’s goal and began promoting a charity tournament. She spread the news by passing out flyers and posting on Facebook. On February 10, at the Weslaco Daily Grind, Brynn and her family hosted the Valley’s first-ever Texas 42 Showdown.  There was a tremendous turnout, with eleven teams of two participating.  Beth Gregory, the 2017 Texas State Tournament champion, partnered with Brynn for the event. The winning team was honored with the choice of where to donate the registration fees to preselected charities.               

Brynn is a model IDEA student. She is a not only a champion Dominoes player and community advocate, but she also excels in the classroom. Brynn is an avid reader, well-rounded and actively involved in her school’s dance team and student council.  Brynn is just one of many IDEA students who are advocating for something they love to do and want to share it with their community.

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