IDEA Judson Volleyball Players Bump, Set, and Study

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Lisbeth Martinez, like the rest of her sixth-grade peers, was a new student at a brand new campus.  That didn’t stop her from making friends and jumping into extracurricular activities.  Her favorite is volleyball.   

“I used to go to my sister’s games, and it was there that I got inspired,” said Lisbeth. “When I heard about volleyball tryouts, I knew I had to go for it.”

Tryouts were intense.  After the first hour, Lisbeth’s arms were red and pulsing, but she was having a blast.  She and the other girls on the team were already beginning to connect.

Annette Guajardo, who likes to play close to the net and specializes in spiking, stressed the importance of a team connection: “You have to communicate really well, or else you’ll be bumping into everybody on the court.”  Annette noted that she was relatively new to the sport, but Lisbeth and others on the team showed her the basics—how to hold your hands when you bump the volleyball, and the mechanics of serving.  “I’m getting there,” she joked.

“We’re just getting started!” said Dana Yala with some tenacity, as she warm-upped with teammate Katelyn Martinez.  Surely, there’s bound to be growing pains as a group builds chemistry and fundamentals. 

A volleyball season can be long and strenuous on its players, so the Jaguars like to practice good health and study habits.  Briana and Christie Bowens are twins on the team and know that academics come first.  “We love to play volleyball.  We use it as a motivator to make sure we’re behaving and working hard in class.”

Briana, Christie, and the rest of the Judson Jaguar volleyball players know how important academics are.  They know that completing quality homework, studying, and keeping their grades up are all prerequisites to playing volleyball. 

Briana and Christie’s brother, William, is a hard-working student and loyal fan of the IDEA Judson Girls Volleyball team.  Besides being his sisters’ biggest cheerleader, William also plays flag football for IDEA Judson, and enjoys what the culture of athletics brings to all aspects of life.  He noted that studying and sports go hand-in-hand, and that you have to be disciplined in both areas.

The IDEA Judson Volleyball players definitely have a discipline to them.  After their practices, they often spend some extra time working on their hits in the gym before it’s back to the books.  It’s this type of effort and going the extra mile that will translate beyond athletics.  Coaches Emily Rethman and William Bolvin are proud of their players, and have noticed positivity and motivation permeating amongst the team.  “If one girl stays,” Coach Bolvin said, “They all stay.  They’re really turning into a team and family.”  

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