IDEA Hotline Launched

The IDEA Hotline is now available.

The safety and care of our Team & Family is of utmost importance, and the introduction of the IDEA Hotline will allow us to respond to urgent campus and headquarter issues in a timely manner. This phone number is designated for anonymous tips submissions regarding safety concerns, staff misconduct, or child abuse related to our campuses, headquarters and regional offices. This service is only accessibly by our Human Resources team to ensure anonymity and that proper investigations and protocols are followed. 

When calling, an automated message will play, and callers will have the ability to leave detailed information and provide contact information, if desired.

IDEA will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure that our campuses and offices are safe spaces to grow and learn. To submit an anonymous tip, please call the IDEA Hotline at 1-855-428-3561.

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