IDEA Eastside Visits Baylor University

At IDEA Public Schools, we are committed to exposing our students to colleges and universities across the country through college visits and field lessons.  Your child can experience this, and more, as they embark on the road to and through college at IDEA.  Apply now!  

This past December, all 6th and 7th grade students at IDEA Eastside College Preparatory in San Antonio visited Baylor University in Waco, Texas. 

IDEA’s Philosophy

Anthony Gordon, Academic Counselor at IDEA Eastside, is fully invested in the idea of College For All, and knows how important it is to invest his students and their families in that goal.  Anthony noted that for many students from low-income communities, the concept of college seems very far away.  “Many of IDEA Eastside students’ parents never made it to college,” Anthony said.  “So it is extra important to expose future first-generation college students to university-life whenever we have the opportunity.  Seeing the joy students have visiting these institutions, many of them leaving San Antonio for the first time in their lives, adds to the motivation for us to expose our students to opportunities that they would not have outside of IDEA Public Schools.” 

IDEA Public Schools strives to have students visit colleges and universities across the country.  Baylor ranks as a one of the nation’s top 100 universities and is a top 50 school as far as value for education. The Baylor Business program is nationally recognized, and the Entrepreneurship Program is ranked in the top 10 in the nation.  Baylor is also known for its science degrees.  Though it is a large university, Baylor offers relatively small class sizes and its proximity to San Antonio makes it a great option for IDEA Eastside students.

Together We Can Achieve More: IDEA Students, Staff, and Parents

IDEA knows that having parents attend college field lessons is extremely important because a student’s choice of university is often a whole-family decision.  Several IDEA parents attended the trip to Baylor University, and for many of them, it was their first time on a college campus. 

“Allowing parents to be a part of this experience is important because it removes some of the stigma around the college experience,” Anthony Gordon also said.  “Ironically, many of the parents asked the most questions, especially relating to cost, during our admissions presentation.” 

The visit to Baylor was just the beginning. In May, 6th graders at Eastside will participate in a 5-campus tour as they visit Texas State University, University of Texas-Austin, Texas Christian University, University of Texas-Arlington and Southern Methodist University.  Seventh graders students at Eastside will take a tour of a few colleges in Houston —Prairie View, Rice University, University of Houston and Texas A&M University. 

College field lessons are just one of many ways IDEA strives to create an environment that teaches all students to dream big and understand that they can achieve their dream of attending college. 

There are limited spots available at IDEA Eastside Academy and College Preparatory.  A tuition-free, high-quality education is within reach for your child.  Apply now! 

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