IDEA Celebrates World Water Day Through Healthy Competition

Healthy Kids Here is an IDEA initiative to provide a healthy and active lifestyle for our students, increase student access to healthy and nutritious foods, and educate the IDEA Team & Family on health, wellness and nutrition.


Did you know that World Water Day is March 22?  This day is very important to our Team & Family, as drinking water is essential to student health.  Just consider some of the following facts: 

·         According to the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, “there’s a lot of research to suggest that even mild levels of dehydration are enough to impact cognitive functioning and mood in kids.”

·         That same study by the Harvard Chan School of Public Health showed that 54% of children in the United States are not adequately hydrated and approximately 25% of students are not consuming any plain water.

·         A study at the University of East London found that children’s fine motor speed increased significantly following a drink of water when compared to those who did not drink.

·         Researchers from the University of Wales Swansea found that water consumption among children led to significant increases in memory recall.

To celebrate this important day, and to ensure our students are healthy and hydrated, we’re having a competition across our IDEA campuses.  Which campus can consume the most water before March 23?  That’s right—our Child Nutrition Team is keeping track of how much water our scholars drink, thanks to advanced technology via Watertopia.    

Be sure to check back to this page on March 24 to find out which campus was declared the winner.  Good luck to all campuses, and happy hydrating! 

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, happy scholars. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in our water consumption competition this month! We are so excited to have been able to celebrate International World Water Day at all of our campuses with safe, filtered drinking water!  

In a come-from-behind victory, IDEA Tres Lagos won the competition by consuming the most gallons of water per student! IDEA Rundberg and IDEA Ewing Halsell made it a tight race, coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

We are also thrilled to share that IDEA Public Schools consumed 12,433 gallons of water during the month of March! 

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