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IDEA Celebrates New Headquarters Location with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

December 1, 2016 was an exciting evening for IDEA Public Schools!

The IDEA Rio Grande Valley Team and Family held a ribbon cutting ceremony for staff and members of the community to celebrate the opening of our brand-new, state-of-the-art headquarters building in Weslaco, Texas.  This large space is intended to serve as an area for members of the IDEA team to collaborate and work in a bright, positive, and healthy environment. 

City officials were in attendance for this event, including Mayor David Suarez, who gave a congratulatory speech and expressed immense gratitude for IDEA’s presence in the Rio Grande Valley.  The event included an open-house tour of the facilities and a celebratory recognition of site contractors. 

“We want this space to be utilized by the greater community,” said Tom Torkelson, CEO of IDEA Public Schools, noting there were no gates around IDEA’s new quarter-mile nature trail so that families in Weslaco and the surrounding areas can feel free to enjoy, breathe the fresh air, and stay healthy.     

About IDEA’s New HQ

Our new headquarters boasts ample space that speaks to IDEA’s growth as an organization—33,200 square-feet, 10 conference rooms, 6 work rooms, and 3 large training rooms—to be used by every sector of the organization.  In preparation for the new headquarters, and knowing a healthy, happy staff leads to successful results for our students, IDEA leadership wanted to ensure employees were not confined to cubicles and instead could take advantage of working in an indoor/outdoor site with plenty of natural light and healthy amenities.    

IDEA’s new headquarters focuses on health, wellness, and eco-friendly practices for its employees.  A silo captures rain water that irrigates the courtyard where yoga sessions are offered.  Healthy, organic meals from the fully equipped kitchen are served daily, and in addition to the nature trail, employees are able to stay active by utilizing treadmill desks located in the office. 

The new facilities were designed by a renowned architectural company, Lake Flato, and landscaped by Hocker Design Group, based out of Dallas, Texas.

IDEA’s new headquarters is a space where happy, healthy employees can work together to promote bright futures for our students!  



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