IDEA Breaks District Record for Number of Prestigious Dell Scholarship Semifinalists

IDEA seniors are excited to celebrate their student body's accomplishments this College Signing Day in April.   

You may have heard that IDEA Public Schools recently achieved 100% college acceptance for its 2017 graduating class of nearly 600 seniors, including acceptances to Columbia, Brown, and The University of Texas at Austin.  

The great news just keeps coming. 

Over 30 IDEA seniors recently qualified as semifinalists for the nationally renowned Dell Scholarship, which provides students with financial assistance, resources, and mentoring to ensure they have the support they need to obtain a bachelor’s degree.    

About the Dell Scholarship

The Dell Scholars Program is a college completion program for high-performing students in need of financial assistance.  It is an initiative of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, which was established in 1999. The gift was inspired by Michael and Susan’s passion for supporting children’s causes as a way to make an even greater difference in a measurable way.

Dell Scholars at IDEA Public Schools

This year, our seniors broke a district record for the number of Dell Scholar semifinalists with over 30 students qualifying for the prestigious award.  Jose Ramirez, one of 9 semifinalists who attend IDEA San Juan College Preparatory, applied to 17 colleges, including Kalamazoo College and Austin College, and eagerly awaits the announcement of Dell Scholars finalists this April. 

When asked why achieving Dell Scholar status means so much to him, Jose responded: “The help we would receive to get a college education.”  This support includes $20,000, a laptop and textbook credits, and ongoing support and assistance to address all of the emotional, lifestyle, and financial challenges that may prevent students from completing college.

As an organization invested in the mission for College For All, this news is especially encouraging because every IDEA Dell Scholar has gone on to graduate with bachelor’s degree in 4 years.

Andrea Lopez Fernandez, Current Principal at IDEA San Juan College Preparatory, is immensely proud of the senior class at IDEA San Juan and seniors across the district. 

When asked about the high volume of Dell Scholars semifinalists at IDEA, she noted: “It’s definitely not a surprise.  Every year we get better and better.  These seniors have worked super hard and showed resilience and grit.”

On behalf of everyone at IDEA Public Schools, we’re so proud of our Dell Scholar semifinalists, and cannot wait for more great news come April.

Your child can start on the road to and through college at IDEA Public Schools today!  


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