Happy School Nutrition Employee Week!

Here at IDEA Public Schools, we ensure that during breakfast and lunch time, your child is getting the nutrients they need. Our Child Nutrition Program works hard to implement delicious and nutritious meals and promote a healthy lifestyle for students and staff.  We are so thankful for their hard work and commitment to serving all students at IDEA.


If you haven’t heard, this week is School Nutrition Employee Week (May 7-11, 2018).  During this time, students, parents, and staff showed their appreciation for the incredible Team & Family members who contribute to our students’ health and nutrition!  This week, our students and staff have…

·         Made signs, banners or posters of thanks and displayed them around the cafeteria

·         Wished hearty wishes of gratitude to cafeteria staff during morning announcements

·         Written letters of appreciation for cafeteria staff

·         And more!

Our cafeteria and Child Nutrition Program staff members are some of the most important at IDEA.  Without the meals prepared and served by out nutritional staff, students would not be prepared to take on their day fueled by nutrient-packed meals.

Have a great School Nutrition Employee Week, Team & Family, and remember, healthy bodies mean healthy minds!

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