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Guinness World Record Attempt Benefits College Matriculation for IDEA Austin Students

Fitness, fun, and focus were top of mind for Mark K. Jordan, a local wellness coach and 2014 Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most number of pull-ups on November 15.  That day marked Mark’s attempt to break the most recent pull-up record over a 24-hour period.

As Mark mentally and physically prepared for this feat, he was determined to ensure he was able to leverage the event to raise awareness, and financial support, of education in Austin.

After learning about IDEA Public Schools in Austin and our commitment to 100% college acceptance, Mark decided to give the proceeds from his event to IDEA Allan Academy and College Prep to help fund valuable college visits that expose IDEA Allan students – two-thirds of whom will be the first in their family to earn a college degree – to colleges and universities throughout the country.

Mark also challenged local groups and individuals to support IDEA with “1 penny per pull-up” in recognition of IDEA’s mission of College For All.

“IDEA’s educational success blew me backwards,” Mark Jordan said.  “They provide support for students, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to partner with them.”    

Mark knew that his event, and the physical feat he was trying to accomplish, would help show others the importance of an excellent education and leading healthy lives—two key things that IDEA is dedicated to as well. Mark was blown away by IDEA’s commitment to see students to and through college and our annual goal of achieving  100% college acceptance for  graduating seniors. Mark was also impressed with IDEA Public Schools’ commitment to becoming the healthiest school system in the nation through its Healthy Kids Here initiative, which includes a focus on fitness, healthy eating, illness prevention, and family involvement.

Although Jordan was unable to break the most recent record during his attempt, he was very proud of his accomplishment and perseverance that made the event possible.  On his Twitter, Jordan thanked IDEA Public Schools and local partners for coming out to support his event:

“I had completed 5210 pull ups and realized that I was pretty tired and that I could not keep the pace that would allow me to reach my Guinness goal. I stopped at that point.  I wanted to say thank you to all for your support in this endeavor. None of this would have even been possible without you.  This would include Restore Cryotherapy, Ignite Fitnez, Liquid Float, and of course, IDEA Allan campus for all of the amazing things (they) do!”

While Jordan may have fallen short of the record, the event successfully raised funds that will go directly to IDEA Allan and help support the school’s work to ensure students matriculate to and through college. 

Thanks, Mark, for partnering with IDEA on our quest to ensure our scholars healthy and college-bound!   


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