Family Partnership in IDEA El Paso

An IDEA senior and parent sign the pledge to graduate from college in 4 years together at College Signing Day.  

Each of IDEA’s students, teachers, staff and parents work together to reach their highest potential every day.  Our teachers help students identify their goals, track their progress and adjust instruction as needed to ensure each student masters every subject and realizes their goals.  At IDEA, we know parent involvement is critical to student success. We work with parents to maximize their child’s education and support them on their road to success in college and in life.  We also work with parents to give kids of all learning abilities the tools they need to thrive academically and to grow into well-rounded adults.  IDEA created the Critical Student Intervention (CSI) program to help students who may have fallen behind by partnering with students and their parents to achieve two years of learning growth per year to get them back on track.


This parent and family partnership takes many forms.  Ms. Laura Lerand, kindergarten teacher at IDEA Bluff Springs Academy noted that the parent partnership is a catalyst for academic success and positivity in her classroom.  

“Building a solid relationship with each students’ parents and/or guardians is so important.  Communicating with parents, through various channels, ensures we know the full story of each of our students, so that we can plan our teaching accordingly.”  

Click here to learn more about all the ways IDEA staff and parents stay connected.  

At the college preparatory level, Sandra Estrada, Director of College Counseling at IDEA Allan College Preparatory noted that workshops and monthly meetings are key to fostering parent support and awareness. 

“Through The Road To and Through College Course at IDEA, we utilize a parent workshop curriculum that the IDEA district has put together.  We coordinate monthly workshops to invite parents to come in to campus and learn the ins and outs of applying to college, and how they can assist at home.  We vary the topic each session, and currently, we’re focusing on IDEA’s College Summer Away Program, an opportunity for IDEA juniors to apply to a college and go away for a summer as a practice run of sorts, taking a class and getting acclimated to life in college.”

Parents are an equal partner on the journey to success in college and in life at IDEA.   

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