Careers at IDEA: Make Your Application Stand Out!

At IDEA Public Schools, we receive about 10 applications for every teacher vacancy. For some positions, we receive as many as 100 applications for a single opening! That makes our application process very competitive, and we want to help YOU put your best foot forward in our process!

How? Check out a few tips and suggestions below!

Sweat the Small Stuff

Details matter! Why? Paying close attention to details and deadlines throughout your hiring process shows us that you’ll focus on these details as an employee at IDEA as well. We always tell our students that the difference between good and great lives in the small details, and the same applies to our Team & Family members.

Take the time to proofread your resume and application responses. Consider running your responses through spellcheck before hitting submit to make sure they are error free. Make sure the formatting on your resume is professional, organized, and consistent. Pay close attention to deadlines throughout the process and make sure that you respond to emails and submit materials in a timely manner. Taking these steps will help show us that you are serious and invested in working with us.


Results Matter

Too often, we see resumes that tell us about an applicant’s job experience and what their responsibilities were, but we don’t see information on their results and achievements. IDEA is a very goal-oriented organization and we want to ensure that each of our Team & Family members is able to lead their students or teams to achieving ambitious goals.

How can you demonstrate this? Include your goals and results on your resume. Instead of telling us that you wrote and executed lesson plans to prepare your students for the STAAR exam, tell us about how 95% of your students passed. Instead of telling us that you were responsible for fundraising, tell us how much you raised! This is your chance to illustrate what you bring to the table, and telling us about your quantifiable goals and results is one of the best ways to do this.


Go Above and Beyond

Show us you’re serious about working at IDEA by taking time to learn more about IDEA and understand our mission. Additionally, we encourage you to provide thorough responses, using complete sentences and offering details, about your experience and fit with the role for which you are applying.

For example, a transcript or information on your certification status isn’t required during the application process, but you’ll need it down the road. When a candidate uploads a transcript at the application stage, it lets us know that they are prepared and excited about working at IDEA and have been particularly thorough in completing their application.

When completing a response to a question, a candidate who takes the time to fully explain the situation, explain their results, and demonstrate honest reflection on their work is going to stand out.


Focus on your “Best Match” position

Too often, we see a candidate submit multiple applications. When we see someone apply for 10+ positions, it sends us the message that you’re not really clear on your best-fit position and are simply looking for a job. At IDEA, we want people who are passionate about the position they are applying for. We recommend that you apply for no more than 3 positions. Our Recruitment Team will review your application, and if you’re a match for other positions, we’ll reach out to you to discuss those.

We hope these tips will help you craft a stronger application t and aid you throughout our hiring process. 

Are you ready to apply?  Click here.  Good luck!

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