Academic Success at IDEA Carver

Yvonne Veldez and Jacob Ledesma, proud IDEA Carver mother and son, speak at IDEA’s 2016 Back-to-School Bash.   

IDEA Carver Academy and College Preparatory, located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas, knows student success begins with great teachers. 

Yvonne Velez, proud IDEA parent, is thankful for the support her son, Jacob, has received from his teachers at IDEA Carver.  Your child can also learn from passionate, caring and challenging teachers at IDEA Carver Academy and College Preparatory.  Apply now for the 2017-2018 school year.  

Jacob was a second-grader in Mr. Armando Vela’s math class last year.  Mr. Vela approached mathematics—a subject Jacob sometimes struggled with—in a fresh, interactive, and often hilarious way.  “Mr. Vela, always made me laugh, especially when he tried to say all the names of the shapes five times fast,” said Jacob.  “We all had a ball, or should I say sphere!”

Yvonne appreciated Mr. Vela and other IDEA teachers’ emphasis on making learning fun—not only because Jacob enjoyed it, but because it was working.  Jacob thrived in his second grade math class, often wanting to practice additional math lessons during lunch with Mr. Vela and his peers.  Many students enjoy IDEA’s elementary education program because it is activity-orientated, which gets kids critically thinking, applying essentials skills learned, and moving around.    

Beyond making learning fun, teachers at IDEA Carver know how important constant communication is with parents.  All three core groups—teachers, parents, and students—must be aligned on the most important goal of helping to ensure students are prepared for success in college and life with a focus on academic success and character building.

Yvonne knows this well at IDEA.  “Mr. Vela always kept me posted on how my son was progressing in his class,” she said.  “If he was excelling, he’d be there to fill me in on all the wonderful work Jacob had been doing.  If he was struggling in any way, Mr. Vela would not only notify me, but he would be prepared with solutions to make sure Jacob got right back on track.” 

Yvonne is proud of her son’s growing passion to learn, and the way he has blossomed at IDEA Carver.  Jacob truly enjoys math now, and when a student has genuine fun learning, that’s when possibilities become endless. 

At IDEA Public Schools, we’re proud of teachers like Mr. Vela, and families like Jacob and Yvonne.  It’s what makes IDEA who we are!

Your child can progress on the path to college and receive a high-quality education from great teachers, like Mr. Vela.  Apply now for the 2017-2018 school year.  

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