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An IDEA teacher works closely with a small group of students

Work at IDEA

Why Work at IDEA?

Join the movement that is revolutionizing education in the Rio Grande Valley, Austin and San Antonio. IDEA Public Schools is transforming the lives of students and communities by preparing them to be college-ready and effective leaders, leaders that will be agents of change. We have proven that poverty and ethnicity are not determining factors of a student’s success by sending 100% of our students to college year after year. Closing the achievement gap is no longer a phrase, but a reality at IDEA Public Schools.

IDEA Employees Can Expect:

  • A Culture of High Expectations
    IDEA expects a lot from both students and staff. Students must be accepted in a college or university in order to graduate from IDEA and our expectations for staff are comparably high.
  • A Supportive Environment
    IDEA schools are structured to maximize student learning and make it possible for staff to do their jobs. IDEA teachers each work with an instructional coach to advance their teaching and they are issued a laptop and cell phone to plan lessons and communicate with students and families.
  • Like-minded Colleagues
    Our mission to prepare students from underserved communities for college guides and motivates all IDEA staff.
  • Professional Development Opportunities
    IDEA focuses on developing its staff so they are capable of meeting ambitious goals with students.
  • The Chance to Make a Difference in Kids’ Lives
    Inspire students to do well, so that they may return to their community and give back.