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What types of courses are available to students receiving special education?

First and foremost, services are always dictated by student needs, not student disabilities. Additionally, we believe that what you do before instruction begins is just as important as what you do during instruction. Following are three options that can occur and may vary by course/subject:

  • General Education courses (mainstream, inclusion)
  • Modified Courses (both inclusive and through a resource/self-contained model)
  • Remedial Curriculum designed to accelerate students to master grade-level content independently. These courses are designed to supplement NOT supplant the general education course.

IDEA has general education courses with special education support (inclusion). This support could be offered by the general-ed or special-ed teacher through accommodations and/or modifications.

Additionally, IDEA utilizes an intensive remedial program where students are placed in flexible, homogeneous groups in reading, language, spelling, and math. Students are expected to score 85% to 90% or higher on daily independent work and weekly assessments in order to achieve mastery. Skills are taught in a way that builds upon previous learning; 85% of each lesson reviews previously taught skills and 15% of instruction introduces new skills. Students advance through the program only after they have demonstrated mastery of the concepts. Students who show exceptional progress can fast-cycle through lessons, and sometimes entire programs if they show consistent mastery on independent work as well as assessments, which are administered every five to 10 lessons.

What is your teacher-to-student ratio for your special education classrooms?

The ratio of teachers to student is always determined by individual student needs. Therefore, we do not have a set number of teachers based on the numbers of students receiving services.

Does IDEA Public Schools provide the same services as a traditional school district?
Yes, however, just like traditional school districts, our models may be implemented differently and may not be located at every campus. We have the responsibility to comply with all state, federal, and local policies and procedures.

Does IDEA Public Schools provide services to students with severe and profound needs (i.e. independent living or life skill classrooms)?
Yes, although we cluster these classrooms across the district. We provide transportation to the nearest campus that provides this instructional arrangement and service, as mandated by law.