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Core Values

Closing the achievement gap and ensuring college success is the best way to help our students succeed in life, contribute to their communities, and overcome the obstacles they face. Achieving this requires the following beliefs and behaviors:

No Excuses: We control our destiny. What we do during the day matters more than poverty, parent education level, or other external factors. When the adults in the system get it right, our students are successful. Conversely, when our students fail, we don’t blame unsupportive parents, parent education level, or other external factors: we look in the mirror and take responsibility.

Whatever it Takes: Through continuous improvement we achieve ambitious results. Those most successful at IDEA seek feedback, pore over the data, identify root causes, and implement solutions.

100% Every Day: Our mission and goals apply to 100% of our students, 100% of the time. Creating opportunities that didn’t exist isn’t easy, and it requires that people give their best every day.

Sweating the Small Stuff: The difference between excellence and mediocrity lies in paying attention and caring about the countless details that go into effective execution.

Team and Family: As the source of strength for our organization, we are committed to attracting and developing high caliber people.

IDEA Core Values